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Fly your family over for an evening of tempting treats and a delicious feast!

Featuring a gigantic menu selection of amazing pizza, stromboli, calzoni, pasta and homemade platters, as well as appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, salad and dessert, Kosmos can fill you up when you’re on the go. No matter what your taste, Kosmos surely has the most appetizing dishes to fit your desires!


Delivery & Toppings Extra

2 Extra Large 16" Pizzas
& 2-Liter Soda. $26.99

2 Large Pizza 14" - $20.99

2 Small Pizzas 10" - $12.99

Large Pizza, 10 Jumbo Wings,
& 2-Liter Soda - $22.99

FAMILY PACK - $43.99
2 Extra Large 16" Pizzas, 20 Wings And 2-Liter Soda


Kosmos offers delivery during RAIN, SNOW or SHINE!
e deliver hot food during all our hours, for those days when you need the best food around – but don’t feel like going out to get it. No worries – we’ll bring it right to you!

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