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Kosmos offers experience you can trust. Since 1978, we have been creating fantastic and tasty meals for the whole family. We have it all: grinders, pizza, stromboli and more.

Formerly known as Nick's Corner Pizza, located on the corner of Chain and Main streets, Kosmos has expanded its menu to include an array of specials and sumptuous treats.

Our appetizers include some of your all-time favorites: salad, mozzarella sticks, soup, quesadillas and piles of Buffalo wings.
After that warm-up, we invite you to dig into our triple-decker clubs, homemade chicken steaks and steak and other mouthwatering sandwiches.
On the lighter side, we are proud to offer a variety of wraps and fresh salad.
And you can’t go wrong with our hot platter selection: turkey, steak, chicken, seafood… the list goes on. Choose from our extensive selection of pasta and sautés. We offer everything from traditional spaghetti and seafood Alfredo to baked ziti arrabbiata and veal Française.
Don’t forget the pizza and stromboli, what we’re famous for! Large, small, medium and extra-large; original, gourmet, white – and all of those however YOU want them.
Finally, top off your incredible meal with cheesecake, baklava, pudding or one of our other delectable desserts. Owner Phillip Triantraffilou and the committed staff here at Kosmos are proud to invite you to join us for the best meal around. We offer corporate accounts and delivery service and are open seven days!


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